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A Bit Wonky - Love is a Tree of Stars

Love is a Tree of Stars - Jukebox

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  • Come to the River
  • It's all just now
  • Mahadev Jam
  • Honey
  • Walls of my Heart
  • What Monsters Know

Colophon - Notes from Underground

Welcome. I'm sure there are some burning questions. So why 'A bit Wonky'? What is a tree of stars? What is love even? Let's deal with the easy ones. We are all a bit wonky. It's just a question of degree.

This recording is done for its own sake. A labour of love, a reprieve, designed to express a moment in time, an emotional landscape, a prayer, a hope.

There are some serious players on board that set the theme and tone of the recordings. Appreciation and thanks to those whose words inspired me Alan Watts, Marshall McLughan, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - and to those whose music inspired me - Kate Bush, Conflict, Motown, DJ Krush, Fugazi, Golden Avatar.

For some background..

The tracks featuring spoken word samples are 'Come to the River', 'It's all just now..' and 'What Monsters Know..'. Alan Watts provided the inspiration for 'Come to the River', a well known philosopher and guide to the seekers of truth in the 60s. I appreciate his vibration, and respect his path but IMO he is at his best when sharing his insight into the 'human condition'.

The second track 'It's all just now' leans heavily on Marshall McLughan. His observations on the birth of media 'culture' and the information age in the 50s and 60s are as prescient and relevant today when applied to the web and the war for our attention (that we are losing against the Valley vampires).

Some special mentions are due. Firstly to Aleksandr Nisse - Organist extrodinaire, who when not playing De Grigny, Durufle and Alain is studying new forms of sonic expression and notation. His playing led to the track 'Honey' which features a Kate Bush sample from 'A Sea of Honey' on Aeriel which is an album that I love a lot. The track is a tribute of sorts to her.. Anyway, in the end the sample got mangled beyond recognition but I so appreciate that Aleks offered the original sample - which you can hear a shadow of at the end of the track. Aleks and I will work together again..

Second special mention is to Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Maharaj -, who is himself an inspiration, but who indirectly urged me to read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's A world split apart - Harvard commencement address 1978'. He has such a relevant, sober angle of vision. The track 'What Monsters Know' features a part of it, and while the piece is not utterly dystopian, has an edge amidst its soft contours. A modern soundtrack for the fall of Rome.

So while this music is designed a little for the head, it hopefully hits the heart occassionally - there are also some tunes you can throw yourself around the room to - 'Mahadev Jam' being a case in point *grin.

Finally this domain will ultimately be the new home of 'Technica Curiosa Records' - when I get it together to transfer the old musical bits and bobs that I've archived there over the years but if you are interested please do visit. I'm up for collaborations and jams with like minded sprites so do get in touch if you have a mind to.

Cover design is by me but the cosmic icons are designed by the talented Mahamantra Das

Thanks for giving this some of your ever dwindling attention - Joshue O Connor